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Morning and afternoon door to door home transportation is available  in  the Lamorinda,  Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Alamo. Danville,  San Ramon and  Dublin areas.  Home transportation service is an additional $105 per week from the following zip codes:

 94596, 94597 ,94598, 94595, 94523, 94549, 94563, 94507,  94526, 94583,  94556, 94582, 94568 (west of Tassajara road ONLY) 


Central point pick up and drop off is included at no additional cost at the following locations: 

Scheduled specific Pick up / drop off  times will vary week to week depending on route needs but will generally be scheduled weekly between 8:10 - 8:45am and 3:00 - 3:30pm

NOTE: These times are approximate only and can vary. Routes are set the week prior and once set the windows of time for pick up and drop off are more accurate. Times shown are reasonable estimates but not set until usually Thursday of the week prior. Once set, it is important that parents drop off and pick up at those times.



North Oakland Sports Field – 8:40am /2:50pm (approximate only)

Larkey Park in Walnut Creek – 9:00am/3:00pm (approximate only)

Acalanes High School Lafayette – 8:45am-2:50pm (approximate only)

Danville Park and Ride - 8:45am/2:50pm (approximate only)

Valle Vista Park Pleasanton – 8:40am/ 2:45pm (approximate only)


Home Transportation times will be established the week prior and will be usually between 8:00 and 9am/ 2:45 and 3:00. Depending on the location.

If you do not make the stop, the bus may be able to meet you at the next scheduled stop. The next stop would depend on where the next camper is scheduled to be picked up. We will not be able to hold the bus beyond the time scheduled. If you are running late, can’t find the bus (or need to contact at anytime during the day for any reason) please

Camp Transportation vehicles include camp owned shuttle busses, 15 passenger vans and smaller 7 or 8 passenger vans as well as leased school busses.


MISC Transportation Policies  


 Campers will be picked up for camp  generally between 8:15and 8:45a.m.  They will return home or to Central Point location  between 3 and 3:30pm.


Unattended Drop Off:  With specific authorization from a parent or guardian, we will deliver an age appropriate child to their home or central point location without the presence of that parent or guardian.  With respect to home drop off, our driver will remain at the address and watch the child enter the home before leaving.  


Parental Presence Required: In cases where specific authorization for unattended drop off has not been given , a parent or authorized guardian must be present to receive the child.

If a parent is not present for receiving their child upon arrival at home or not present at express pick up points and without authorization for unattended drop off, we will first make a reasonable attempt to re-route for later drop off. This is discretionary for the driver. Additional minimum charge of $10 applies  for later return and regular late fees of $20 per half hour after 3:15pm will apply.


This policy is intended to discourage and not for profit. We would very much prefer to never use this policy.


Transport routes and operation is a complicated and important process. In addition, drivers have already been working all day and will very likely be on long over hours overtime and their rest time is valuable for all children the next day.

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